Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

  1. Bad Search

  2. PDF Files for Online Reading

  3. Not Changing the Color of Visited Links

  4. Non-Scannable Text

  5. Fixed Font Size

  6. Page Titles With Low Search Engine Visibility

  7. Anything That Looks Like an Advertisement

  8. Violating Design Conventions

  9. Opening New Browser Windows

  10. Not Answering Users' Questions

Read more at Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox.
[Source: Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox]


J-Fleaux said...

ahh...seeing Nielsen's name reminds me of the good ole' days of Usability Engineering at UVA...

ever miss the college days?

I don't miss the workload!

Ed Biro said...

I do hate PDF file - there's nothing worse. I especially hate when I click on a link, and suddenly realize it's to a pdf file. They are so darn slow to load. It's a cheap way of putting info on a web page.