Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bloch’s Standard Exceptions

IllegalArgumentException: Parameter value is inappropriate

NullPointerException: Parameter null where prohibited

IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index param out of range

ConcurrentModificationException: Concurrent modification detected when not allowed

IllegalStateException: Object state is inappropriate for method invocation. Ojbect may not be initialized before accessing its state. ClassCastException (Illegal state of object)

UnsupportedOperationException: Object does not support the method. Substitutional principal


J-Fleaux said...

What is this? .NET exceptions? I don't even know who Bloch is ;)

The Khuc said...

These are Java exceptions, and Bloch is the guy who wrote this book called 'Effective Java Programming Language Guide'. His full name is Joshua Block. Sorry, I should have been more clear, but I didn't think anybody would read my blog. :-)

Bloch B. Mountains said...

These exceptions will be very useful in our final exam in SWE619.002. Good call!