Friday, July 10, 2015

Watching: Website Performance

Website Performance
Make Performance a Priority
Why web performance?
Performance and user experience
How we get web performance
Focus on the critical path
The total cost of ownership
The Middle-End: YSlow
YSlow rules
Beyond the big 14
The Middle-End: Resources
The Middle-End: Architecture & Communication
Understanding the middle-end
Introduction to architecture
Data validation
JSON, ajax, & Web sockets
The Front-End: Resource Loading
Preloading images
Lazy loading
Parallel loading
The Front-End: Abstractions & Animation
OO is slower
JavaScript animations
CSS transition vs. css animation
The Front-End: UI Thread, Garbage Collection & jsPerf
The single threaded browser
Threaded JavaScript
Dynamic memory allocation
Introduction jsPerf
JavaScript performance mythbusters

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