Thursday, January 26, 2012

MVC 3 and jQuery Dialog Form

Justin Schwartzenberger of posted a tutorial on how to do display Dialog Form in MVC3 using jQuery at The following screenshots are taken from his article.

Monday, January 9, 2012

MSDN Webcast: BenkoTips Live and on Demand: Cloud + Mobile Game – Build Rock Paper Azure on Windows Phone (Level 100)

This end-to-end scenario talk demonstrates how Windows Azure enables and extends the reach of mobile applications with the example of the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game played on the phone against a service hosted in the cloud. Starting from a blank slate, this talk showcases the use of Access Control Services to use identity from Google, Yahoo and Live ID to authenticate the user, then implements a SQL Azure database to store game history. Finally it implements the game interface using Silverlight on Windows Phone 7.1 pulling information from a WCF Data Service that exposes an OData endpoint from an Entity Framework data model.

Bookmarked to watch later.

Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games

Open Source Project hosted on CodePlex. Good resource for writing games hosted in the cloud.