Thursday, March 2, 2006

AOL to Charge Mass Emailers Fee to Send Emails to Its Members

AOL has just announced that it will be charging mass emailers a small fee for each message sent to its members. Their intention is to eliminate spams and junk emails, but it could a hard blow to the face for some legitimate groups who do mass emailing, because they cannot afford to pay the fees. I am not AOL email user, but I'm curious how current AOL email users will react to this announcement. I personally do not like the idea that my email provider would do something like this, because I can take care of junk emails myself. This is going to be better off for some people and bad for others. I guess we just have to wait for the results.


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Chris said...

Hi! My name is Chris and I work at One of our members posted a question and after reviewing your blog I thought that since you are an AOL user, you might be able to provide some advice. See below for their forwarded question:

"Trying to logon to AOL and I keep getting this popup stating "Topic"...what does this mean and how do I go about trying to use AOL with this "Topic" notice popping up?"

~ Chris ~